Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4

OK, so I didn't take any pics today. It'll make it better for tomorrow.  I've been studying about soil, compost, and different types of mulch. I did a bit of work on the fencing, but more time was spent running errands to get hardware.

My vision for this garden is something that, while loosely planned out, changes as I sift things through my mind. The creative spirit rises as possibilities occur to me, leading to tangential thinking that is affecting my painting (I am an artist and art teacher) and my guitar playing.

Green smoothies. They are what brought me to this... Thanks Vicki. Since trying a green smoothie, I decided to get a fancy blender and make my own. Now breakfast and lunch are mostly green smoothies. I want an organic garden in order to save gas money going to Sprouts or Costco to feed my need for green.

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